Baby Sensory Rodney NZ


Chantelle Lester

Hi, my name is Chantelle and WELCOME to Baby Sensory Rodney! I have a background in Dance, Gymnastics and surprisingly… Finance! I’ve had a lot of experience teaching a range of different ages from pre-school to adults. I completed my Bachelor of Dance Studies in 2012 and got married shortly after. My husband and I now have a little girl, Kerbie which is how I came to be involved in this wonderful program. I discovered Baby Sensory classes shortly after having Kerbie. The classes were amazing! When I enrolled Kerbie into class with Jo I knew it would be great for her sensory learning (and I was secretly excited about all the props), but I didn't realise quite how special and enriching it would be. The whole experience from start to finish is magical and fun and I love that the program caters to children from newborn – 13 months. There is nothing like it around! Seeing how the babies react to all the sensory activities and props is a delight to be part of and that moment you’re in is so special. They provide hundreds of different activities to encourage play, speech and reading and the classes are completely different every week! I received great ideas for play to try at home and I was able to meet up with other parents as well, because let’s face it – when you’re a new mum, getting out the house for a bit is sometimes all you need to regain your sanity! I was so excited by the classes that I decided this is what I wanted to do next! I believe Baby Sensory will give your baby a fantastic start in life because it is encouraging so many different experiences right from birth. It is not just 'another baby class' for parents and babies, but a totally amazing and breath-taking opportunity to enhance your baby's development in a fun and enjoyable way. It is also a wonderful way to meet new friends and relax and bond with your baby. I am passionate about Baby Sensory and I bring a great deal of enthusiasm and fun to my classes. I look forward to meeting all the babies in the area and welcoming you to the Baby Sensory experience!